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  1. Hey Ben,
    Question for you because I am getting mad. I just got a new laptop with vista 64 bit, I installed the cf for 64 bit and so far so good. But then I installed the updater and now not only does cf not run but I can not uninstall. I get an error that says the uninstall is looking for : C:ColdFusion8uninstallresourceiawin32.dll but this is the 64 bit version. How can I get it off my sytem, so I can reinstall???

  2. Hi guys, I got the same problem with JBoss Server from adobe LiveCycle ES2 64 bits installation (can’t uninstall cause looking for iawin32.dll, can’t reinstall cause already installed…)
    The solution I found was to delete the installation directory, then run ccleaner to clean registry problems.
    Hope that helps.

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