Evans Data: ColdFusion Rates High In Scalability, Performance And Support

Evans Data research on App Servers is begin reported in a new article posted on Software Development Times On The Web. It includes the following quote:
ColdFusion, in particular, rated highly in scalability, performance and support options. Evans Data attributed this spike in ColdFusion appreciation to last year’s release of ColdFusion 8.0.

5 responses to “Evans Data: ColdFusion Rates High In Scalability, Performance And Support”

  1. Jaime Metcher Avatar
    Jaime Metcher

    So we’re comparing four J2EE servers, a programming language and an operating system? Ben, does this make sense to you?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I did not comment on the research itself, just on that quote. 😉
    — Ben

  3. Kris Brixon Avatar
    Kris Brixon

    This makes sense, a lot of people do not consider ColdFusion a language. CFML is a language, ColdFusion is much more. If the only thing included with ColdFusion was CFML then I would not use it.

  4. Buddy Langston Avatar
    Buddy Langston

    @ Jaime
    I believe they are referring to WIndows Server as the .NET platform. They are not referring to ColdFusion as a language as Kris points out.

  5. Jaime Metcher Avatar
    Jaime Metcher

    I take your points, gents, but I still find this a bizarre comparison. What are we to think of ColdFusion running on JBoss running on Windows Server 2003? They do say nice things about ColdFusion, but it’s hard to credit such a muddle-headed analysis.
    And even though there *is* a particular point of view where if you squint the right way you can consider these technologies comparable, the report writers then do their best to undermine it:
    "ColdFusion’s competitors are older server page technologies like ASP and
    JSP, as well as newer dynamic languages like Ruby and PHP."
    Ben, I start to appreciate how hard your job is.

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