SDTimes On Flex, RIAs And More

Software Development Times On The Web is running a story entitled Movin’ on up on RIA, Flex, AIR, Silverlight, Java FX, and more.

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  1. Joeflash Avatar

    "From a developer’s standpoint, Flash and its companion Flex (an abstraction layer that handles data access and other services) are difficult to program."
    Are they on crack? I hear of nothing BUT Java and .Net developers extolling how EASY this thing is to use and pick up.
    "“There is a lot of hack, a lot of heavy lifting—particularly around tasks such as synchronizing audio and video,” Hynds said."
    And I suppose Silverlight has a flawless performance record (especially with the Olympics)? JAvaFX doesn’t even have a record to mess up. You don’t have a competing product with less than 0.01 percent of the market. Gimme a break already.
    "But developers who use Flash and Flex are likely to stick with those offerings for now. “People don’t throw away their platform for a better tool overnight,” said Hynds."
    Is there a better RIA tool? Show me one, and I’ll convert right now, I’m there. Actually, people do convert for a better tool overnight, or at the very least within a year or two. I’ve seen Java developers convert to Flex in droves. Maybe that’s what has the interviewees of this article so worried.
    And I won’t even bother debating the rest of this flaccid article. Seems more like an opportunity for Brad, who’s clearly sore at having been let go in the Adobe takeover, to get back at his former employers. Sorry Brad, I’m not buying your sore looser attitude.

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