Samsung BlackJack II first shipped with Windows Mobile 6, and newer devices now come with 6.1 pre-installed. Samsung is now providing a 6.1 update for those early BlackJack II devices. One of the most important differences is a dramatically improved SMS client that features message threading (finally). Other improvements include enhancements to the GPS software, homepage customization, and voice command support.

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  1. I really like 6.1 and have been using it for several weeks now. Having a HTC Tilt I am able to load a cooked ROM and take out all the crap that the providers put in. It’s like streamlining XP.
    On another note, have you any examples of the socketgateway? I’m thinking that is the way I want to go to have ColdFusion subscribe to the ISY.

  2. Ben, I did get it working and it gets the data with one small problem. The data is not written to the log file in the proper order.
    Here is the gateway CFC I use. The config file has port=1226
    cffunction name="onIncomingMessage" returntype="struct" access="public" output="false"
    cfargument name="cfevent" type="struct" required="true" hint="
    cfset data =
    cfset message = data.message
    cflock scope = "Application" timeout = "30" type = "Exclusive"
    cffile action = "append" file = "d:wwwisylog.txt" output = "#message#" addNewLine = "yes"
    Subscribing is easy.
    cffunction name="subscribe" access="public" returnType="struct" output="false">
    cfset var resp = "" />
    cfset var wsStruct = structNew() />
    cfset var aSubscriptionParam = StructNew() />
    cfset aSubscriptionParam.reportURL = "" />
    cfset aSubscriptionParam.duration = "infinite" />
    cfinvokeargument name="subscribe" value="#aSubscriptionParam#" />
    cfset resp = getSOAPResponse(variables.obj_isy) />
    cfset theVal = xmlSearch(resp,"//s:Body") />
    cfset wsStruct = application.xml2struct.ConvertXmlToStruct(theVal[1], StructNew())>
    cfreturn wsStruct />
    I would love to work with you on the ISY (ColdFusion and AIR) and would very much like your help on getting the data from the ISY in the proper order. I’m stuck at this point but I continue to work on it hourly.

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