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  1. Noooo… I can’t believe I fell for that old trick again. I feel so cheap now. Oh the things she made me do for that poster! I even… I even… (how could I have been so blind?) I even closed my broswer for her! Oh, the pain! The humiliation!

  2. Ben-
    Something is wrong with her blog site, it takes the user’s info but at the end fails to give any indication of success or failure, I’m on a Mac and all I got was a white screen web page, no error message, no indication of what’s next, nothing.
    Could you please notify her that her site is broken?
    Thanks so much for your posts, I have all of your books!

  3. Kristen-
    Your survey never asked us for any of our contact info, we’ve been trying to tell you your site is broken, or will you just be making the poster available to the general public without needing to take the survey?

  4. Sending out a link? As in.. "It’ll be available on the site where you took the survey." Or, "Don’t worry, I know who you are and I’m sending the link to your email."
    I’ll assume the former concidering the survey doesn’t ask for any personal information. Which implies ‘posting a link’ as opposed to ‘sending a link’. Any who, thank you Kristen for your kind generosity and I look forward to my CF8 poster.

  5. Folks can go back into the survey, I added an address field if you want to have them sent this way, rather than register for them later. I forgot how hot these posters are!

  6. Kristen,
    Don’t try and woo me back now, it’s too late, with the help of my therapist (Dr. Jack Daniels) I have realized that I am worthy. Posters.com and I will live a happy life together, and don’t worry, we will always have Paris.

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