Still Room For A Few More MAX BOFs

I mentioned MAX BOFs a few weeks ago, and linked a form to post BOF topics. We’ve been looking through the list, and have identified several that we think are truly worthy of hosting at MAX U.S. this year. But we still have room for a few more. So, if interested, quickly, use this form!

2 responses to “Still Room For A Few More MAX BOFs”

  1. Bob Flynn Avatar
    Bob Flynn

    Is there a list of current BOFs so I can see if the topic I’d be interested in is already listed?

  2. Greg Avatar

    Hey Bob,
    We won’t be publishing the BOFs just yet. We are accepting submissions until end of day tomorrow…. then we’re going to take the submissions and determine the best and most relevant ones. They will then be published on the MAX site as well as my blog,
    Greg Wilson

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