HostMySite Offering Discounted ColdFusion Enterprise Hosting

HostMySite (who actually do host my site) has announced that they are offering hosting on ColdFusion 8 Enterprise licenses for $149 per month.

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  1. Tristan Roscoe Avatar
    Tristan Roscoe

    Hey Ben, I’ve been experimenting a lot with LCDS and have been working on some applications, that I would like to be free to use, but unfortunately I do not have anywhere to host. I’ve been told that it is very difficult to find shared coldfusion hosting with LCDS. Do you know of any? Or is this HostMySite offer the best I’m going to get?

  2. john C. Bland II Avatar
    john C. Bland II

    Hey Ben, CrystalTech (.com) has been doing this for a while as well.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Tristan, LCDS shared hosting has been an issue, but dedicated hosting, or BlazeDS hosting, should not be an issue.
    John, good to know, thanks.
    — Ben

  4. John Adams Avatar
    John Adams

    Hi Ben-
    Your link to the announcement appears to show up without any information about the Host My Site Offer. Here’s a link below that actually gets to their offer. Specifically, they are offering ColdFusion 8 Enterprise licenses at a discounted price of $149 per month– for customers purchasing at least one dedicated server.
    I am currently using shared hosting on Crystal Tech, and they are very specific in that they are not using the full version of LCDS, but the limited one that ships with CF8 that does not appear to allow data management and RTMP messaging and has CPU limitations as well. They also turn off SMS capabilities.
    It would be great if you could provide or point me to some documentation on just what exactly the version of LCDS that is in CF8 can do on its own in a shared environment without mixing in references to Blaze DS and the enterprise version of LCDS. Because I have the developer versions of CF8/LCDS, I can develop applications that don’t run at Crystal Tech. I’d be very interested in finding out what I can develop with LCDS Express that actually will run in a shared hosting environment.
    Thanks for any tips you can provide.

  5. GMurnock Avatar

    I know some people do not like these guys but I have been using for about 5 years and with their business plan you get CF7 for $7.95 a month. Just another one to throw into the CF host mix.

  6. GMurnock Avatar

    sorry it is another $5 a month for CF…

  7. Mike Avatar

    As long as we are on the hosting tip, I have been using for about 3 years now and they are really cheap and they have cf8 hosting.. I think I pay 14 bucks a month for a reseller package that gives me unlimited domains and databases etc .. I basically just use it more for testing etc but still a good deal.
    on the flip side some of my clients have Hostmysite and they are bar none the best with customer service.

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