Now Available: ColdFusion Evangelism Kit

ColdFusion Product Marketing Manager Kristen Schofield has created the ColdFusion Evangelism Kit, an 8 page PDF document that helps explain the how’s and why’s of ColdFusion. This will be posted to at some point, but for now you can grab it from Kristen’s blog.

3 responses to “Now Available: ColdFusion Evangelism Kit”

  1. Mike Maddaloni - The Hot Iron Avatar
    Mike Maddaloni – The Hot Iron

    This is great Ben – LONG overdue!

  2. Brad Wood Avatar
    Brad Wood


  3. Ricardo Parente Avatar
    Ricardo Parente

    Hi Ben,
    Is there any Portuguese version of this PDF, so I could post it on our Brazilian blog (Why CF) ?
    If not, could you send me a Word version for me to translate it ?

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