I am in Bangalore, India, for the rest of the week.
The primary reason for the visit is to present at the Adobe RIA Developer Summit, a two day paid event that starts tomorrow (and all attendees get a full copy of Flex Builder which costs more than the event registration fee, nice deal). There is still some room left, so if you’re in the area, sigh up quickly.
And while I am here I am also spending time with the ColdFusion team going over “Centaur” features. But, sorry, can’t tell you what they are yet. 😉

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  1. Hi Ben
    Welcome to India, again. It’s second time, I would miss meeting you. I wanted to be at this event, but it seems distance from my place to Bangalore is quite a lot, not as much as yours 🙂
    I am sure, it’s going to be a cool event. I hope, you would have a good time in Bangalore, weather must be nice this time.

  2. Hello Ben,
    Could not attend the meeting… Any videos of the meeting uploaded…
    If so please provide the link..
    Thanks a Lot…

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