FOX News AIR App Streams News To Your Desktop

FOX News Live Stream is an AIR application that provides 12 simultaneous news streams, and desktop alerts to notify you every time a new stream starts.

21 responses to “FOX News AIR App Streams News To Your Desktop”

  1. charlie griefer Avatar
    charlie griefer

    hmm… seems to be a bug. it keeps sliding over to the right of my screen 🙂

  2. William Haun Avatar
    William Haun

    Now to really test out my machine’s processing power – 12 O’Reilly heads at once!

  3. William Haun Avatar
    William Haun

    **Update** bad idea – my computer just caught fire

  4. Charlie Mers Avatar
    Charlie Mers

    Cool stuff – too bad it’s a big component in the America-hating republican propaganda machine and should be boycotted. Couldn’t Adobe reach out to the newshour or democracy now and promote patriotism and innovation with one stone?

  5. Gary Funk Avatar
    Gary Funk

    I see it slide to the right. I’ve also seen it bounce all over the screen. Once it evem slid right off the side.

  6. Smart Person Avatar
    Smart Person

    Shut up Charlie Mers, you bigoted and closed minded person. Those sources are biased too.

  7. Steve Avatar

    Great – I had been looking for a way to have neo-conservative propaganda directly forced into my brain!
    Anyway, its good to see news organizations getting involved in developing AIR apps. I’m sure some more trustworthy ones will get involved in the months ahead.

  8. Gary Funk Avatar
    Gary Funk

    I guess it could have been worse. It could have come from CNN, MSN, ABC, CBS or NBC.

  9. Chuck Mason Avatar
    Chuck Mason

    Good job adding this Ben, in spite of the potential backlash from the loony-leftists. I saw this app as a flash app on Fox News today and thought it was interesting. Good to see America’s #1 news network taking advantage of Adobe technology!

  10. mike Avatar

    Nice to see a mainstream use for AIR … but… Fox News is propaganda plain and simple. Go to YouTube and search for a minute and you’ll see tons of instances where they were caught

  11. Fox News Fan Avatar
    Fox News Fan

    Mike –
    I’ve never understood why so many on the far left hate Fox. The URLs you posted, in addition to comments on those pages are pretty crazy, but typical from a segment of the misguided. Why don’t you call Bill O’Reilly’s producers at 1-888-369-4762 so you and your buddies can discuss what Fox News needs to do to get it right. Now that would be entertaining!

  12. Dan Avatar

    To play devil’s advocate, you could probably say that everything but Fox News is just propaganda for the left wing.

  13. Jon Stewart Avatar
    Jon Stewart

    Fox News’ "fair and balanced" slogan is a "f**k" you to people with brains.

  14. Gary Funk Avatar
    Gary Funk

    Oh good greif. Non of the news networks can totally be trusted. Each of them have their own agenda to promote. Is this all you guys have to talk about. I’m rather pleased when anyone uses AIR.

  15. Clint Avatar

    I glanced at my RSS feed from Ben and saw this headline with the mention of Fox News and I knew I had to post something saying how evil that network is. Well I was pleased to see that everyone else, the majority, was already pounding them to death.
    But I really think they are about ratings, pure and simple. When Obama gets into office they will be spouting Obama proganda too, and then they will be a democratic network. Which just proves that they’re a bunch of idiots incapable of being unbiased in any case. I have boycotted FOX in my home and always tell my friends to do the same and why.
    FOX is not news, it’s the government’s very own propaganda medium. The government manipulates FOX with special favors to get the public on their side for whatever they want. When they want to bomb the hell out of Iraq they simply get FOX to hypnotise their viewers into thinking they should. Of course no one ever views the news from other countries, the BBC for instance, to get an outsider’s view and opinion. All news networks in America are Amercanized and this makes them all evil, because patriotism is blind and America is evil (at least under Bush it is).
    Now, let’s make fun of McCain’s third wife! The naughty hot librarian lady from late night MAX. LOL

  16. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Oh dear. I knew when I posted this link that folks would get riled up. And sure enough …
    Hey, every news source has a bias, be it based on their owners, or their advertising demographics and the fear of upsetting them, or anything else. Fox News has a bias, as does CNN, as does ABC, as does the BBC, as does Air America … All news sources need funding, and funding influences opinions and stories and positioning and more. Watch whichever you want, or watch them all, or none. The more informed you are, and the more you keep context and source in mind, the better off you’ll be.
    But, like it or not, and your own feelings on the subject aside, Fox News is a major news source for many people. You don’t have to like it or agree with it, that’s your perogative.
    The reason I posted this entry is not to start a Fox News debate, but to point out that a major news network is using AIR, and that’s a good for Adobe and AIR. And other news networks are on their way, too (so this whole thread can start again then).
    — Ben

  17. Charlie Mers Avatar
    Charlie Mers

    @ Ben: sure, but don’t you think you have a bit of an obligation not to drive any more traffic than necessary to the ministry of disinformation? I mean, when has this country in worse shape, but with absolutely noone held accountable? (Right-winders, pl

  18. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Charlie, with all due respect, I have to disagree with you. Twice:
    1) You are free to think whatever you want of Fox News or any other organization, as are others. Just as you are free to think whatever you like of Air America and Democracy Now and and organizations on the other end of the political spectrum. That’s your right, and you get to decide what you want to listen to or watch, and what to make of any stated stories or opinions. Others may do so, too. You writing off Fox News, and dismissing any who do watch it as fools, makes you rather intolerant and about as much an extremist as you are implying them to be. What you are calling "better judgment" is actually your opinion. And suggesting that I enforce it (or any opinion) on others is also a rather extreme position to take, and one I will not accept.
    2) Part of what I use this blog for is to highlight sites and organizations that use Adobe technologies. And I list and link without enforcing my own views, be they political or religious or cultural or social or anything else. The same is true for my "Who Uses CF" list – there are many links there that I don’t quite care for. But others may, and I am not going to pass judgment on anyone. You are free to read and follow links just as you are free to not to do, as are others. Your suggestion that I have "a bit of an obligation not to drive any more traffic" to those sites makes about as much sense as suggesting that Google or your local Yellow Pages do the same. That would be forcing my views and opinions on others, and shutting out opinions and views I don’t like is a form of censorship that is also a bit on the extreme side. When I post links I am not endorsing or giving opinions, I am providing information. And you are free to read or ignore as you see fit.
    Bottom line, I kind of like the whole free country concept, about as much as I like tolerance and a "live and let live" attitude. Anything else is a bit too extreme for my liking.
    — Ben

  19. Gary Funk Avatar
    Gary Funk

    @Ban. I’m happy you post links such as this. It’s too bad, too many people can’t seperate one part of their life from their political opinion. There is more to life than government rule.

  20. Charlie Mers Avatar
    Charlie Mers

    Ben, I don’t buy it but do acknowledge this isn’t the place for the debate. Thanks.

  21. coriann Avatar

    These posts illustrate why I don’t argue with idiots or exrement orifices. Ben, the only thing that makes such a discussion anything but a total waste of time is that it encourages such to display their arrogant ignorance for reasonable people to view. But whatever it takes to wake up the lethargic, apathetic, excuse-makers who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for the lesser of two evils, resulting in getting the greater of the two evils – from top to bottom. "Wake up – Stand up – Speak up!"

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