Wow, this is my 3000th blog post! Many of the early posts were actually “Tip Of The Day” entries which I migrated to the blog when I brought it online. The earliest tip/post is dated September 15th, 2000 was was 2898 days ago, so almost a post a day for close to 8 years!
So, to the thousands of you who read and comment, thanks for the support! To HostMySite, thanks for keeping me up and running. And a special thank you to Ray Camden for BlogCFC.
Here’s to thousands more!

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  1. Congrat!, I read your blog first thing when I come into work everyday, you blog gave me an insight and update on the IT industry and corporate or non profit ColdFusion solutions. Hopefully see greater popularity in usage of ColdFusion. (I am a ColdFusion lover).

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