ColdFusion On Wheels 0.8 Released

ColdFusion On Wheels is the ColdFusion community’s response to Ruby On Rails. And version 0.8 (featuring Oracle support, composite key support, and bug fixes) has now been released. Thanks to Chris Peters for bringing this to my attention, and to Per Djurner who is the primary developer on this update.

3 responses to “ColdFusion On Wheels 0.8 Released”

  1. Rodion Bykov Avatar
    Rodion Bykov

    Great idea, but why ‘on wheels’ ? Wheels are the slowest option of moving forward. I vote for ‘on wings’ or ‘on jet’ 🙂

  2. Erik Vold Avatar
    Erik Vold

    Make sure to get the 0.8.1 update!

  3. Harleymanbo Avatar

    Now they are up to 0.9.1, preparing for the Final 1.0 release!

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