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BOFs (Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions) are informal MAX get togethers, a chance to meet, chat, share, and learn in a less structured and highly interactive environment. We host dozens of BOFs each year, from the ever popular “Meet The Team” sessions, to technical in depth chats on highly specific subjects, to brainstorming sessions around all sorts of technologies, and much more. And once again, we are inviting you to suggest BOF topics. Here’s the form.

2 responses to “Suggest A MAX BOF”

  1. Nick Kwiatkowski Avatar
    Nick Kwiatkowski

    Do you think that these BoF suggestions will actually be read and acted on, or will the just be discarded like the Speaker/Topic suggestions? Every year I know lots of people who suggest topics and they’ve never seen light. I realize not every topic can be presented on, but it really dosen’t seem that they read these things…

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Nick, considering that I personally went through every CF submitted session this year, and picked many, some including the speakers who suggested them, I have to disagree with your assertion. As for the BOF sessions in particular, yes, Greg Wilson will be going through then all to figure out which we should include and which not, and that determination will be made (as it is each year) based on available rooms, as many different topics as possible, estimated size of audience, and more.
    — Ben

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