MAX Session Update, My Hands-On Session Is Now 3 Hours Long!

I previously mentioned that I’d be presenting a MegaLab session at MAX this year. The session is titled Getting Started with Real-Time Flex and AIR via LiveCycle Data Services, and it’ll be a massive bring-your-own-laptop hands-on event where we’ll build Flex and AIR apps powered by LiveCycle Data Services, BlazeDS, and ColdFusion. The idea is to give you first-hand experience building apps that leverage messaging, push, data synchronization, online/offline processing, and more. We’ll make sure your laptop is configured and ready to go (you’ll get setup instructions a few weeks before MAX, and we’ll have techies present on the day to help you, too), and you’ll walk away with knowledge, and a fully working environment of your own. Fun stuff!
But, as we’ve started to plan the content, we’ve determined that 90 minutes is just not enough time, and so the MegaLab sessions (all three, including mine) are now 3 hours long! (Well, 3 1/2 hours actually, but we’ll give you a 30 minute break in the middle).
The MegaLab room will accommodate at least 200 attendees, so there will be plenty space for you and your laptop. But, these sessions are already being signed up for, so don’t miss out on this MAX first, and register now!

4 responses to “MAX Session Update, My Hands-On Session Is Now 3 Hours Long!”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    will you be doing this session at Max Europe, too?
    Thank you

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    That’s not been decided yet, we’re still working on the final session mix for MAX Europe.
    — Ben

  3. Bim Avatar

    Ben, I’m already registered for AdobeMAX but how do I sign up for this specific session?

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Bim, it’s in the session tool that you can use to pick sessions once registered.
    — Ben

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