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Flex In A Week is an online Flex training course. To date there are three days of content posted, made up of over 20 videos and 10 exercises, and more content to follow. And it’s all free for the browsing.

12 responses to “Learn Flex In A Week Via Video Training”

  1. Rachel Lehman Avatar
    Rachel Lehman

    This is very cool, and timely since my IT director has decided to learn Flex and CF having not done any development in awhile. Any chance of getting a CF in a Week?

  2. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    You don’t need videos to pick up CF in a week! 😉 has pretty good CF videos:
    And then there’s John Farrar’s book along with, of course, the WACK books.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Rachel, good idea, sounds like a job for our CF evangelist! 😉
    — Ben

  4. adam Avatar

    i really don’t get the point of flex. it sounds great but the end is going to be just like INTEL’s RDRAM; sounded powerful but couldn’t do much.

  5. Henry Ho Avatar
    Henry Ho

    Any idea when will the next 2 days be posted?

  6. Rimpy Avatar

    hi, This is really great to know about. Thanks for the information. it helps me alot to experiment with flex.

  7. Clint Avatar

    @adam – *puzzled look* What?

  8. adam Avatar

    @clint – flex is balloon. other web technologies grow much much much faster. today flex sounds good but tomorrow flex is a balloon without air… flash silverlight is best for media.

  9. adam Avatar

    largest .com’s don’t seem investing any money in flash based technologies. even yahoo maps dumped flex to ajax.if flex had been appeared before AJAX came out I could give a change but now I don’t see a point. it is great product with no future….. it just gives developers headache:)

  10. BT Avatar

    Ajax is the future? Plueeze. Breaks every time there is a browser change. Memory leaks. And the GUI at the end is inferior. Flex is harder to learn but it is worth the pain. I won’t even go into the advantages of LiveCycle and BlazeDS.
    I use Ajax for quick and dirty, or for making unique widgets – but not for major clients. At least not for complex intranet apps.

  11. Graham Avatar

    There are still only three days of content there. Ben, are you able to give us any idea when the remainder is likely to be available?

  12. Puneet Goel Avatar
    Puneet Goel

    Hi Graham, Henry,
    We hope to complete the remaining two days by September 15th. We have some videos that we will get up this week but the training will only be complete by end of next week.
    Thanks for your patience.

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