Adobe TV has posted a recording I did on building ColdFusion powered Flex applications. The video, entitled Building Flex Applications Powered By ColdFusion, is one of the longer Adobe TV sessions, and walks through the concepts, building the CFC back-end, coding the Flex client, retrieving data, working with results, events, passing data back to the server, and even working with renderers. The example built uses the standard ColdFusion 8 example databases (so if you have CF8 you have everything you need to be able to follow along), and uses both Flex Builder and Dreamweaver for the actual coding.

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  1. Very nice presentation!!!! Although, I did notice that you didn’t use a <cfqueryparam> in your getArt <cfquery>. 😉

  2. Ben,
    Looks like your this video is down – can you repost it here or have the fine folks at Adobe correct it? I’d love to share this with my team – primarily CF and Java Developers – this looks like a nice first step to using Flex for some of our tools.

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