Over 200 ColdFusion Related Positions On LinkUp

LinkUp is a job search site, and they currently have 244 ColdFusion related positions listed (at the time of this post). Thanks to Mike for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. Steve Withington Avatar
    Steve Withington

    While a valuable tool, the numbers are a bit misleading though. Several search results contain this:
    Error resolving parameter HTTP_REFERER ColdFusion was unable to determine the value of the parameter.
    … which makes it _appear_ to be a ColdFusion job. (Which, technically, I suppose it might be once the source of the error is found, eh?)

  2. Steve Withington Avatar
    Steve Withington

    Actually, it appears the majority of the errors are coming from Nothern Illinois University’s information. Hmm, I wonder if they’re accepting applications …

  3. Vincent Collins Avatar
    Vincent Collins

    SimplyHired indexes many job sites and shows over 2,900 for the keyword ColdFusion.

  4. Alirio Boquín Avatar
    Alirio Boquín

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the tip, but for some like me, who lives in Costa Rica. I didn’t find nothing.
    I can’t find a Telecommute ColdFusion work. I been working with CF since 2002 and
    now using with Flex 3.
    They say "This is a telecommute position for someone who lives in the US. No offshore outsourcing will be considered."
    Do you known some website where I can find telecommute work.

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