Yes, ColdFusion officially turns 13 years old today! I think a quick trip down memory lane is in order. How many of these logos do you remember?

Cold Fusion 1 and 2
Cold Fusion 3
ColdFusion 4

ColdFusion 5
ColdFusion MX
ColdFusion MX7
ColdFusion 8

And if you are really in the mood, check out this Allaire homepage circa 1997 (courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine)! Wow, Fuel Packs available, Forums 2.0 released, HomeSite 2 is a CNET finalist, my 1st book on Amazon’s top 10 … fun stuff! πŸ˜‰

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  1. That takes me back. We started hosting Coldfusion on version 4. It’s certainly changed a lot since those days (and I don’t mean always in a good way if you know what I mean..)

  2. I think the original logo was the best. It illustrated lots of power easily contained in your hand. How about bringing it back for CF9, but in a style that compliments the current "cf" logo?
    Happy Birthday, ColdFusion. Don’t get too drunk at your party because you’ve got 1000’s of websites to serve! πŸ˜‰

  3. Ah – I still need to start a "Bring Back The Bolt" campaign… Maybe for CF 10??
    That original logo is EXACTLY how I felt when I wrote my first CFQuery/CFOutout and pulled that data back from the database!!!
    Bring Back The Bolt!

  4. Bring back the bolt. hee hee
    @Todd, the arena football site appears to be running Apache Tomcat/5.0.27 but that’s about all I can figure out. They appear to have mappings for .jsp and .dbml, but not .cfm.
    My company owns an AFL team (KC Brigade) and we manage the Brigades site. I’ll ask my webmaster if he knows what the leagueÒ€ℒs site is written in.

  5. Wow.. man time flies!
    I remember like yesterday the 10th birthday…
    And I remember learning ColdFusion 4 and then learning Fusebox on CF 4.5..
    Happy Birthday ColdFusion!!!

  6. Ok, I promised I would look into the dbml thing that Todd brought up. I found out that a company named JumpTV has made a whole slew of sports related sites (including the Arena Football League site), and they ALL use the .dbml extension. After a few E-mails to random people I go a reply back. Apparently they use a language called DBRocket.
    Yeah, I’ve never heard of it and Google brings back very little on it. Anyone know anything about DBRocket?

  7. There is no use learning DBML, as it is a proprietary language only used by the company that owns it. And you dont want to work for them, trust me.

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