BBC Dumps Microsoft For Adobe AIR

The BBC has been using Microsoft technologies for widgets that are used by “hundreds of thousands of users”. And they have just publicly stated that they have dumped the Microsoft solution for an Adobe AIR one. paidContent has posted details, too.

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  1. Tom Chiverton Avatar
    Tom Chiverton

    This is huge, not just for AIR/Adobe, but for the BBC itself – what better way to make sure as many licence fee payers as pos. can access the BBC’s richer services.
    For those not in the UK – the BBC has had a (widely lowly regarded) Windows-only ‘catch up TV’ service called iPlayer. I wonder how that’s going to be brought to Linux and Mac users, eh 🙂

  2. John Dowdell Avatar
    John Dowdell

    Tom, BBC iPlayer went SWFfy last December, and has been remarkably successful since then. Here are some links from last week:

  3. Savvas Malamas Avatar
    Savvas Malamas

    All I can say is FINALLY..!

  4. Tom Chiverton Avatar
    Tom Chiverton

    JD, sorry, yes, I wasn’t clear that an online version on iPlayer was released a few months ago, and that that one does work on all 3 major O/S.
    The post was specifically about the offline P2P version.

  5. Gilbert Avatar

    Using AIR means that the content will be available to mac and linux users.
    iPlayer content is not available to viewers from outside the UK, they use geo-blocking to detect your location. It’s not a technical issue, just the distribution rights that are written up when programmes are made.

  6. xwisdom - Web Tips & Tweaks for CSS & Java Avatar
    xwisdom – Web Tips & Tweaks for CSS & Java

    Wow! This is great news! We need to see more companies make this move 🙂
    It will also provide Adobe with great user-based feedback on the runtime so they can improve where necessary.

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