Help Fix Flex 3 Bugs And We'll Buy You Books

The Flex SDK is open source, and the community is encouraged to submit code and fix bugs. And as an extra incentive to contribute bug fixes, the Flex SDK team is offering to buy books from your wish list, a book for each 3 bugs fixed. Details posted online.

2 responses to “Help Fix Flex 3 Bugs And We'll Buy You Books”

  1. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds

    Noble though this idea is, let’s get slightly realistic here. If you allocated ‘points’ to a bug based on how complicated the issue is, then you may be in for a better response. If somebody spent an hour fixing a couple of trivial bugs, where as one person focused on a very complex issue and they all get the same reward, you won’t get a lot of takers for the big ones.
    Then again that may be what is wanted. Leaving the complicated ones to the Flex team and the trivial ‘safe’ ones that are easy to test to the rest of the world.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Adam, I think this is more a way to encourage any and all involvement, whatever that involvement may be. And I am sure that once/if this becomes popular, the program will be tweaked as needed.
    — Ben

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