Hands On FlexCamp Scheduled In MI

The Michigan Flex User’s Group will be hosting a FlexCamp in Lansing, Michigan, on the 30th and 31st of July.
This FlexCamp is targeted at Flex and AIR beginners, and attendance is being limited to 150 people. And this is a hands-on conference – all sessions are designed to allow you to follow along on your laptop. Details posted online.

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  1. cvbizz Avatar

    Are there similar events scheduled for the Charlotte or Atlanta area? Thanks

  2. Jim Pickering Avatar
    Jim Pickering

    Not to rain on anybody’s parade, but according to the "HowToHostYourOwnFlexCamp" PDF downloaded from – FlexCamps are not supposed to hands-on. It is for this reason that Kansas City hasn’t had a FlexCamp. The Flex 3/AIR Launch Event accomplished the same result as a FlexCamp, in my opinion. We have been looking into organizing a hands-on introduction for Flex/AIR, that isn’t a FlexCamp, so that Adobe would help support our event. I am now inquiring with Adobe again to see if they have relaxed those documented guidelines for FlexCamps. Thanks for the post Ben.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    There are FlexCamps being added all the time, see
    — Ben

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