Welcome Claude Englebert, Our New European Dedicated ColdFusion Representative

Last year we introduced dedicated ColdFusion account managers in the U.S., and they have been so successful that we’ve been working on doing the same for other regions. And Europe is at the top of that list. In fact, last year, at MAX in Barcelona, we hosted a ColdFusion BOF, and the lack of local ColdFusion presence and understanding (within Adobe Europe) was identified as the single biggest concern for local ColdFusion users.
So, after much searching, we have finally brought our first European dedicated ColdFusion representative on board. Please join me in welcoming Claude Englebert to the ColdFusion team. Many of you already know Claude, he’s been part of the ColdFusion community for many years, and some of you met him in Edinburgh last week. For any question and concerns ColdFusion related, Claude is your man in EMEA. His e-mail address is, and he is blogging at

One response to “Welcome Claude Englebert, Our New European Dedicated ColdFusion Representative”

  1. Martin Avatar

    At last… ! The few Coldfusion worshippers will have a new Guru to pray…
    Save us Claude !

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