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And now we have another open source CMS option for ColdFusion. Blue River Interactive Group has announced the release of Sava CMS, its open source ColdFusion-based content management system. The features look pretty impressive, as does the UI in the screenshots. If anyone has personal experience with this product, please share.

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  1. Jeff G Avatar
    Jeff G

    I posted this elsewhere but I will cross post anyway.
    I stumbled on to Sava a week or so ago.
    I found it set up easily and the documentation quite decent.
    The Sava team are eager to help and are interested in moving the project forward.
    Sava has a lot of features and flexibility. It integrates easily with ColdSpring, Fusebox5, Model Glue & Reactor.
    They even provide a sample FuseBox sub-application to showcase it’s integration in the default site that loads during install.
    I had been working with FarCry 5 but it required too much memory on my VPS and the overall app is overkill for the average application.
    Sava is much lighter and very expendable. I have barely scratched the surface but feel it has a lot of potential so far I am very pleased.
    I recommend a close look.

  2. Savvas Malamas Avatar
    Savvas Malamas

    A CMS with my name.. I feel flattered!!

  3. ivan Avatar


  4. Charlie Arehart Avatar
    Charlie Arehart

    Thanks for pointing this out, Ben. I’ve added it to my list of CF-based CMS’s ( I think some would be surprised that this now makes 24 of them, at least per my listing (some free, some commercial).
    I’ve got more to say about Sava and its site (very appealing on first glance), but I’ll do that in my own blog entry rather than burden yours with it. I’ll add a feedback link above.

  5. Daniel Schmid Avatar
    Daniel Schmid

    looked yesterday night at sava cms and I have to say I’m quite impressed. Great concept, great features and source code very well organised.
    Unfortunatly I can’t use it for client projects since it supports only english. No internationalisation, no language files for admin… a real bammer!

  6. Dan Sorensen Avatar
    Dan Sorensen

    I am VERY impressed with their express download. It’s dead simple to download and try a self-contained, well designed demo. I wish more products were as easy to test like this. Granted their full install is more involved. Interesting product, worth a look. Thanks for pointing it out.

  7. Malcolm O'Keeffe Avatar
    Malcolm O’Keeffe

    Hello, everyone – I’m a partner @ Blue River Interactive Group – we’re the developers of Sava CMS. I wanted to make a quick comment about Daniel Schmid’s note that Sava only currently uses English in the Administration tools.
    We’re in the process of updating Sava to include the ability to choose your language when you log into the administration section. We’re going to launch with French and Spanish, but we’ll be quickly adding German as soon as we can. The French and Spanish options should be available in just a few weeks, and as soon as we get a German translation completed, we’ll launch that option too.
    If you have any questions or comments about Sava CMS, we’d welcome your participation in our support forum –
    Best wishes,
    Malcolm O’Keeffe

  8. Daniel Schmid Avatar
    Daniel Schmid

    @Malcom: These are really great news 😉
    With multi-language support in the admin section and localised dateformats sava cms becomes a tool which is desperately needed in the cf-community. I’m really looking forward to it.

  9. TJ Downes Avatar
    TJ Downes

    Malcolm, gratz to you and Ryan both! I am happy to see that you guys are still supporting ColdFusion and CFML! It’s also good to see more OSS projects for CF, especially high-quality complete projects. Good luck!

  10. Business Directory Avatar
    Business Directory

    It sure sounds good. I’d say Sava is the next Joomla.
    Malcolm- Could you confirm whether you have any future major updates planned?

  11. Malcolm O'Keeffe Avatar
    Malcolm O’Keeffe

    Business Directory – Thanks for the kind words. We definitely are shooting to be a top open-source option for CMS, so comparisons to Joomla are very good to hear.
    As for your question about future updates; we are dedicated to making Sava CMS as good as we possibly can. We are always working to improve the ease of use and functionality, so we will certainly have a steady and consistent cycle of updates.

  12. Jarlath Gallagher Avatar
    Jarlath Gallagher

    Above there is mention of a sample fusebox application aimed at sava CMS integration. I am wondering where this is available from. I am attempting to integrate this very attractive CMS into some sites i am workign on. I am very impressed with this system. Bravo to Blue River Interactive Group.

  13. Jeff G Avatar
    Jeff G

    The sample Fusebox application is a sub-app found in the deployment of the "default" site created when Sava is installed.
    A fusebox sub app could be plugged in

  14. Jonathan Powell Avatar
    Jonathan Powell

    I have looked at Sava as well. It looks great but missing some key functionality that I really need. I didn’t see any way to create modules on the page and then be able to move those around. I did however run across ColdBricks which I am sorry but was more impressive on the administration side. Its just too bad ColdBricks doesn’t use a database. I can’t see using that either… I am really scratching my head on this one. I think I am going to end up using ColdBricks or Sava and then having to customize the heck out of it.

  15. Sahr Johnny Avatar
    Sahr Johnny

    A new addition to the Coldfusion CMS line up is Lingxia 273 I.C.E. CMS featuring Content Management, Campaign Management, CRM, API Management, RSS Syndication and Analytics.
    Runs on Windows, Coldfusion 8+ and MySQL. Download at

  16. Sahr Johnny Avatar
    Sahr Johnny

    A new addition to the Coldfusion CMS line up is Lingxia 273 I.C.E. CMS featuring Content Management, Campaign Management, CRM, API Management, RSS Syndication and Analytics.
    Runs on Windows, Coldfusion 8+ and MySQL. Download at

  17. Jeff Pierson Avatar
    Jeff Pierson

    Sava, now named Mura, is a great CMS. It is the best ColdFusion CMS I have used and I highly recommend it. They are constantly updating and improving it.

  18. oz Avatar

    I used the old Sava version for a production site. It’s easy to setup, maintain, and I had no problems for over a year under light use. It’s self contained and does almost everything a CMS should. It’s better than many products that you would have to pay for. It’s probably the best option out there unless you are dying to spend tons of money for features that you will never use and end-users will never understand. (10 years of CF, CMS, system architect, sysadmin, DB developer, and webmaster experience.)

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