Software Editorial Review Encourages Taking ColdFusion 8 For A Spin

UK based Software Editorial magazine has published a detailed review on ColdFusion 8, and concludes “Companies choose ColdFusion to create complex and robust mission-critical applications for internal and external access. While there are a number of ways to integrate web content with relational data, it is a simple task with ColdFusion, and the support for modern technology (Ajax, .NET and Java) is a valid reason to consider using this product.” The review wraps by saying the product has “So many positives” and as for negatives, “None I could see. While the price seems steep, even small companies shouldn’t have an issue with the price when considering the tools and functionality that the product offers.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!
This review is no longer online at Software Editorial, and can now be read here

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  1. Cato Paus Avatar
    Cato Paus

    WE need to vote again 🙂
    I realy hope we can have USB communication in AIR and Flash Player 🙂
    I can imagine many different type of applications which can communicate with different devices connected over USB, atleast my phone (over bluetooth or cable)…
    It would be great if AIR and Flash player can have USB API for those things, so that we (developers) are not forced to write socket-servers and take care of installation etc..

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