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  1. No doubt a coincidence that Adobe is one of the "members" of the siia (the ones who underwrite the "contest").
    See here: http://www.siia.net/membership/siia_directory/search.asp — search for yourself
    Believe me, I love CF8, but I can’t help but feel these types of "competitions" are really thinly disguised marketing efforts, and will be easily viewed as such and discredited in the industry-at-large.

  2. I think that Captivate is the winner for "Best Corporate Learning Solution" not for "Best Collaboration Solution"

  3. Brock, to the best of my knowledge, we (the CF team and Adobe) had nothing to do with the selection process whatsoever.
    That kind of like saying that it’s a rigged deal that the Toy Story movie won an Oscar because Disney is a member of the Motion Picture Association and sponsor of the Oscars.
    ColdFusion 8 is great software from a great and passionate team, and having seen what heart and soul they poured into it and the results they achieved, I think they should be very proud and deserve every kudos they receive.
    My 2c

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