WebManiacs Keynote Focused On Data Services

I just presented an opening session at WebManiacs in D.C. in the magnificent auditorium at The Carnegie Institution. Less than a handful of those present had any experience with Data Services, and so I spent the bulk of the time on LCDS, BlazeDS, data management services, and more. If you have yet to tinker with Data Services, you may want to check out Christophe Coenraets’ LCDS Test Drive and BlazeDS 30 Minute Test Drive.

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  1. Willy Ray Avatar
    Willy Ray

    Hey Ben,
    Despite being on Mountain Time, I enjoyed your presentation quite a bit. It’s always a pleasure for me to hear you Macrodobe folks talk about the business the way you do. I thought you nailed the importance of LCDS right on the head. Good work.

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