Flex Skin Design Extensions For CS3

When Flex 3 was launched a few months back, we also launched a series of extensions that can be used from within CS3 products to create Flex skins. These extensions (for Flash, Fireworks, Illustrator, and Photoshop) allow designers to skin controls which can then be imported into a Flex 3 project. We’ve been demoing these extensions for a while, but in the past few weeks several users have e-mailed asking where to find them, so I am posting the link here.

3 responses to “Flex Skin Design Extensions For CS3”

  1. Josh Lewsi Avatar
    Josh Lewsi

    How are you supposed to install the Photoshop extension as a zip file. I tried changing the extension to .mxp but that didn’t work. Is this extension supposed to be installed manually some how?

  2. Alirio Boquín Avatar
    Alirio Boquín

    Awsome Ben.
    With this kind of stuff my Flex App will be Amazing

  3. Tristan Avatar

    Download links for this are broken on the Adobe site 🙁

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