AdobeStock_455007340 Loves My SQL In 10 Minutes Book

My Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes has been a top seller on for a long time, consistently in the top few hundred computer books and in the top couple of thousand across all books. But I was just informed that is #3 in the Databases category on, and #1 in Database Management Systems, Relational Databases, and MySQL categories. The MySQL version of the book, and the Kindle edition (I didn’t even know there was a Kindle edition!) are also in the top 100 database books.

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  1. Joe Meboe Avatar
    Joe Meboe

    Thank you, Ben, for sharing this good news with us. You are a tremendous resource for ALL web developers, not only for the Adobe community. Many, many thanks!
    Joe Meboe
    The Boeing Company

  2. Don Avatar

    Congrats! Very smart move. I could possibly try to write a simiar book but never thought about it.

  3. Pete Freitag Avatar
    Pete Freitag

    That is until someone comes out with "Teach Yourself MySQL in 9 Minutes"!
    Just kidding, good job ben!

  4. Patrick McElhaney Avatar
    Patrick McElhaney

    Wow, that’s incredible. Congratulations!
    @Pete That would never work. No one could possibly learn MySQL in 9 minutes. 🙂

  5. Clint Avatar

    MySQL in 2 sec’s:
    select * from table
    I’ll be releasing my book this fall for $59.95

  6. David McGuigan Avatar
    David McGuigan

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Thanks for sharing. I wonder how many other great things you could possibly try to do but have just never thought about.

  7. Nicholas Avatar

    I must say that when I was looking for a good SQL book a couple years ago, yours was the only one to the point and straightforward. The others spend too much time trying to teach table design and other advanced stuff not relevant to the amateur user that needs to get something done. I read you Coldfusion MX books also, and they are the reason I’m a web programmer today (not in CF anymore, unfortunately).
    Good job!

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