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  1. I’ve really been pleased with CrystalTech’s hosting (www.crystaltech.com). My stuff is still on CF7 there, simply because I haven’t taken the time to migrate, but they do also offer CF8. SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 and lots of other options available and great customer service.

  2. I am with Hosting A to Z (www.hostingatoz.com). Last month they upgraded to ColdFuser 8 but it looks that they have not updated their details in your list.

  3. I’d just like to add that I used this list initially to find a reliable CF host and choose HostMySite.com. I’ve been very pleased with them overall. We had some serious difficulty with our migration to CF8, but when we pressed them they responded well and I’ve been very satisfied since. I just wanted say thanks for the resource.

  4. Ben,
    If EBStor.com in Virginia is still on the list, please remove it. The company has been out of business since September of 2003.
    best regards,

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