Check Out ColdBricks, A ColdFusion Based Open Source CMS

ColdBricks is a ColdFusion based CMS and site generator, and it’s free and open-source. There’s a very impressive live demo online, too. This one via fellow evangelist Serge Jespers.

3 responses to “Check Out ColdBricks, A ColdFusion Based Open Source CMS”

  1. Don Bellamy Avatar
    Don Bellamy

    Nice looking cms system! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Jonas Eriksson Avatar
    Jonas Eriksson

    Nice looking indeed, might very well give this a try. Thanks for pointing it out!
    However, I ran into an issue (hanging thread?) when I clicked on "Feeds" under the Resource tab of a site/page. Will try later. Feel free to delete this post if it doesn’t really belong here.

  3. Ryan Avatar

    Have you seen Sava CMS yet? It is open source and absolutely free.

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