Mark Mandel Announces Transfer 1.0

3 years after starting the Transfer project, Mark Mandel has announced the release of Transfer 1.0. Congrats to Mark and all those involved on this momentous accomplishment!
And if you’ve not bumped into Transfer yet …
Transfer is a ColdFusion Object Relational Mapping Library. Transfer ORM’s main focus is to automate the repetitive tasks of creating the SQL and custom CFCs that are often required when developing a ColdFusion application. Through a central configuration file Transfer knows how to generate objects, and how to manage them and their relationships back to the database. (From the Transfer homepage).

2 responses to “Mark Mandel Announces Transfer 1.0”

  1. CheyenneJack Avatar

    I think the key to having your CF product go 1.0 is for me to install and work with the beta version the week before. Same thing just happened to me with Mangoblog.
    However, I do have to send a big congrats out to Mark and everyone that worked on Transfer. I’ve truly enjoyed what I have worked with so far, and will look forward to getting the 1.0 version now.

  2. Mark Mandel Avatar
    Mark Mandel

    Thanks for the comments Ben! They are much appreciated!
    Just to be clear, this is a Release Candidate. We’re looking to release the full 1.0 after about a month of letting the CF community play with it.

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