PyAMF = AMF For Python

AMF (Flash Remoting) is generally the preferred way for Flash/Flex/AIR applications to communicate with back-end servers and services. ColdFusion developers are fortunate in that AMF has been built in to ColdFusion for years. Java developers have access to the open-source BlazeDS which, among other things, provides support for AMF. And the community and 3rd parties have implemented AMF for PHP, .NET, and more. And now Python users can share the benefits of AMF via PyAMF – AMF for Python.

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  1. Jeff Self Avatar
    Jeff Self

    Bruce Eckels gave a demo at PyCon 2008 in Chicago last month showing how to use Python for the back-end logic with PyAMF and Flex on the front end. Pretty cool stuff. I’m hoping Adobe will give it more "official" love like they do with Rails.

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