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  1. Hello Ben,
    this is a little bit offtopic. I don’t really know how to contact Adobe in this matter, so I want to give it a try here.
    I have found out that Scientology is heavily using Adobe Flash to advertise their cult. One example is http://www.scientology.org Scientology is not a religion, but a big money-machine that manipulates people. Please investigate current protests against Scientology around the world. A good start is searching YouTube for the term "anonymous".
    I want to ask Adobe to break all business relations to Scientology. It does not go along with Adobe’s ethics and values, which I highly respect. PLEASE pass on. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous, as a rule I don’t even bother replying to anonymous comments. But I’ll make an exception for yours to point out that I honestly don’t know what is more pathetic – your suggestion that Adobe somehow prevent specific customer or organizations from buying its software (when anyone can buy online or in stores etc.), or your cowardice at making such a suggestion anonymously.
    Javier, it’s still open and you should have a few more weeks.
    — Ben

  3. Ben, obvioulsy you didn’t get the point of staying anonymous protesting against Scientology. Maybe you should research why people have chosen to do so. Adobe, please prevent specific customers or organizations from bying its software.

  4. A) Steve, apparently you don’t get the point that you cannot prevent anyone from buying software if it is sold online, via partners, in stores, etc. Even if that would be warranted, which I am not saying it is, that is just not possible.
    B) These comments are off topic for these post. So, conversation over.
    — Ben

  5. Ben,
    In an effort to bring back this series of comments on topic, you mentioned a week ago that a few weeks were left to submit presentation topics. Including myself we have 3 folks at Arc90 that would like to submit topics. We are hoping to finalize several and submit them this week. Do you have a better idea now when the deadline is? Looking forward to the event!

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