Adobe TV Launched

Adobe TV has launched. We’ll be posting new content regularly (I actually recorded 3 videos yesterday which will be going live in a month or so).

4 responses to “Adobe TV Launched”

  1. Clint Avatar

    I can’t wait to see it. Unfortunatly my IE7 and latest Firefox are having major issues with the Flash 9 player installation, just doesn’t install, or does install and then just doesn’t work. Funny thing is that the Adobe Flash intall page will say that I have Flash 9.0.1x installed, but it still just won’t work. The standalone player is fine but not in the browsers. I can see Flash 8 or earlier content in browsers just fine. Really wierd wacky stuff, and I’m a Flash/Flex developer.
    Any ways, so can you tell us what will be on TV?

  2. Doug Laakso Avatar
    Doug Laakso

    It is a nice try. Maybe in future it will work better. For now it appears to be nothing more than a commercial. Have already posted several recommended changes to the web site.
    Please, keep trying am always looking for better ways to learn.

  3. Joshua Curtiss Avatar
    Joshua Curtiss

    Wouldn’t RSS feeds be nice?

  4. Jeff Avatar

    If I can’t download it and watch it offline, its limited in its use. I would much rather watch a instructional video that I receive through a podcast than watching it online. This way, I can watch it over lunch or something.

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