Tom Jordahl Explains Arrays In ColdFusion Web Services

A user e-mailed me to ask about how to create or use web services that use arrays of objects in ColdFusion. I forwarded the question to Mr. ColdFusion Web Services himself, Tom Jordahl. He responded to the user, and also posted the response on his blog for future reference. Thanks, Tom!

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  1. nora Avatar

    Every time I give a talk, someone always asks, “That’s all good and nice that helping users learn is the key to creating passionate users… but who’s going to do all that extra work? Who’s going to make the extra tutorials and better docs?” Answer: your user community. Think about all the things a strong user community can do for you: tech support, user training, marketing (evangelism, word of mouth), third-party add-ons, even new product ideas. And that’s not including any extra sales you might make on community/tribe items like t-shirts, stickers, and other gear.

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