I am on the way to Cleveland for Flex Camp tomorrow (posting this on my cell phone from a rest stop on the Ohio Turnpike). I had originally planned to present an opening session and take part in a closing Q&A panel, but I’ll have to miss the Q&A as I have to be in San Francisco next. I understand that attendance for Flex Camp Cleveland is up around 150, which is great, and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in the morning.

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  1. Every time I give a talk, someone always asks, "That’s all good and nice that helping users learn is the key to
    creating passionate users… but who’s going to do all that extra work? Who’s going to make the extra tutorials and
    better docs?" Answer: your user community. Think about all the things a strong user community can do for you: tech
    support, user training, marketing (evangelism, word of mouth), third-party add-ons, even new product ideas. And
    that’s not including any extra sales you might make on community/tribe items like t-shirts, stickers, and other

  2. Hi Ben,
    Great to see you are doing very well in the Flex tour. It’s Rodrigo Paolucci, CMO from Samba Tech LatAm, I met you at Flex meeting in Sao Paulo.
    Just discovered your blog, I’ll keep following it.
    All my best

  3. Ben – I know have a very busy schedule but just wanted to thank you very much for making it to Flex Camp Cleveland. Hope to catch you again when you have more time.

  4. It was painful to have to miss the Flex Camp, Ben, due to work commitments, but I’m glad you were able to make it. It seems like it was a resounding success. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do it again.

  5. You warned about dashes in XML.
    E4X treats them as subtraction operators.
    So what’s the work around?
    [second-child]Hello world![/second-child][/first-child]
    (I’ve substituted square brackets for less-than and greater-than.)
    This doesn’t work…
    This was suggested by the Adobe Flex team [http://www.nabble.com/e4x-Dash-td16386671.html]…
    which may work for one child but not more…
    I also tried this…
    Any suggestions?
    Also, what about name spaces?

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