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Just landed at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport where I change planes and then on to Bangalore for all sorts of meetings and the Adobe RIA Architect Summit 2008.

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  1. Tim Horne Avatar
    Tim Horne

    In a surprising press release a new show has been announced. In the style of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" the new show entitled "Where in the World is Ben Forta" will challenge Adobe users around the world to figure out where in the heck Ben is!

  2. Vipin Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    I will be there in the Architect Summit. What other functions you have? Will it be possible to spend some time with my team at my company?
    See you there anyway!

  3. Petunia F Avatar
    Petunia F

    Have a safe flight and please put up pictures from india…

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