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  1. Awesome! Until I looked at what versions of Linux are supported. Ubuntu 6.06? Are you kidding me? I’m glad you went with at least one free version of Linux. But come on. That release came out in June ’06. What is going on at Adobe? Ubuntu has had several releases since then and is set to come out with a new release in April.
    Just venting. But don’t get in the game if you can’t keep up with new releases. Or at least releases that have been out for less than a year.

  2. After further research, I realize that Ubuntu 6.06 is the Long Term Support version. But unless Adobe embraces the true community of Linux users, not the 10% who use and pay for enterprise versions of Linux, AIR will just be an afterthought.
    And by the way, I believe Ubuntu 8.04 will be an LTS version. So make sure AIR works with that one.

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