On AIR European Tour Starts Tomorrow

Just a reminder, the 11 city On AIR European Train Tour starts tomorrow in Madrid. The team is already there setting up (although, unfortunately, I am not joining them this time around). So if you are in (or near) Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Munich, or Milan, be sure to drop by!

4 responses to “On AIR European Tour Starts Tomorrow”

  1. Brian Petti Avatar
    Brian Petti

    Hopefully I’ll get to see you in Cleveland soon! Missed the last session..

  2. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    Don’t forget ScotchOnAir (, which has replaced the canceled Dublin date.

  3. David Avatar

    Dublin canceled? They’re skipping the most hopping city in Europe? Say it ain’t so!

  4. David Avatar

    Good on you Andy – looks like a great event planned for Dublin. I know Colm is trying to get the Dublin group more publicity and this will help him a lot. I’ll spread the word back home.

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