Tchau, Brazil

I am in the Rio de Janeiro airport, waiting for my flight back to the U.S. (I’m home for the weekend and then head to India next week). This morning I presented Flex 3 and AIR and a launch event here. And like the events in São Paulo and Brasilia earlier this week, this one was a winner. A standing room only crowd of close to 200 packed the auditorium for a lively and highly interactive event (bringing the total attendance for the launch events here to over 700!). Brazilians are a lively and passionate bunch, and are most definitely not shy. The questions and comments came hard and fast, and good questions and comments at that. 3 hours flew by, and once again I had to omit about half of my content. The rest of the day was spent meeting with customers and partners, right up until I had to head to the airport.
So, 4 days (with no more than 5 hours sleep each night), 3 launch events, 2 press interviews, 5 partner meetings, 8 customer meetings, 1 video shoot … all fueled by more cans of Guaraná Antarctica than I can count.
Tchau, Brazil. And muito obrigado!

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  1. Luiz Picanço Avatar
    Luiz Picanço

    Tchau Ben, was a great pleasure knowing you !!!
    Best regards

  2. Marcello Avatar

    Tchau Ben, I ‘d like to thank you once more for the time you spent with the DClick Team at Petrobras’ site today, and the patience to hear our terrible english trying to explain the problems we go through.
    I hope it was very productive to you as it was for us, to exchange our experiences of the Flex tool and the opportunity to show our skill of Flex development.

  3. Francisco [Tofinha] Paulino Avatar
    Francisco [Tofinha] Paulino

    Thanks Ben!
    Thanks for the visit and we wait for the next one!

  4. Rodrigo Almieda Avatar
    Rodrigo Almieda

    Thanks for the visit. And I hope that you do not take another year to return.

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