Developer Week Starts Tomorrow

Adobe Developer Week 2008 is a week long online event with 20 sessions covering AIR, Flex, Flash, Mobile, ColdFusion and Dreamweaver. And it all starts tomorrow, March 24, 20008.

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  1. Savvas Malamas Avatar
    Savvas Malamas

    Hello Ben..
    I just want to refer to a twitt I read last night from Marco Casario. He wrote about a time converter in Acrobat Connect and I am so agree with that. It’s really painful to convert times for every seminar.. For example I register for a few of the eseminars for the ADWeek and then I had to insert the dates from Apple mail to iCal and finally convert and correct the times for every event. It would be nice if AConnect offer an time converter and even better, since it is an app installed on our system it would be even better if we could pass the events, that we want to attend, in Connect and give us notifications. That would rock.. Sorry for the long post and for writing about this in here but since you are an Adobe I hope that someone "Connectable" will see this and think about it. Feel free to trash this comment if you like.

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