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  1. @ Ray
    I think you may have a bit of a misunderstanding as to what Crucible does. Crucible is an awesome product that helps facilitate code reviews, its not a static analysis tool. It will show, more accurately now, changes from one version to anot

  2. Ray, the docs on FishEye say that CFML syntax highlighting was added.
    The FishEye + JIRA combination is simply fantastic – well worth the trial downloads. Haven’t looked at crucible as I’m lead of a team of two.
    Great products, and available free in support of Open Source projects.

  3. Any suggestions for a static code analysis tool that checks for security vulnerabilities for ColdFusion 7 and 8?

  4. (Disclaimer: I’m biased I sold FishEye, Crucible & Clover to Atlassian)
    > What makes either of these any better than the open source Trac tool?
    Trac is a great tool, no question. However, the Atlassian tools are much richer standalone products that also work together pretty well. E.g. Trac provides source browsing and a changelog as a handy adjunct – FishEye provides source browsing, per user feeds, spanky annotations, line history, comprehensive search, and API among other stuff. A similar story for the other Trac features; issues – JIRA, wiki – Confluence, source – FishEye. There are also other tools available include Crucible – peer code review and Bamboo a CI tool.
    So it really depends on what you want/need, Trac gives you a lot of nicely integrated stuff. Atlassian’s tools provide heaps more features but do add more complexity (and they cost a few dollars for commercial use). Give them a whirl and see if they help. Remember there is no reason you can’t use Trac and FishEye.

  5. Any cheap suggestions for a static code analysis tool that checks for security vulnerabilities for my ColdFusion 7 and 8 code? That would be nice. Real nice.

  6. There is a code analyzer tool bult in, gointo the admin panel and you will se eit in the left. It reports any compatability issues and depracted tags.

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