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I’ve managed to get quoted in two InfoWorld stories in as many days, in Silverlight’s link to Microsoft developer skills touted I was asked about Flex and the skills needed to leverage it versus those needed by Silverlight, and in Adobe ColdFusion warming to 64-bit OSes we chatted about the imminent ColdFusion updater and more.

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  1. John C. Bland II Avatar
    John C. Bland II

    Man, if that first page wasn’t slanted I must be illiterate. 🙂 Good quotes though. You seemed to not show bias, rather clarity.

  2. Joel Stobart Avatar
    Joel Stobart

    In my eyes the article has a kind of apathetic view of silverlight…
    "In choosing Silverlight, Miller cited NBC’s existing relationship with Microsoft via the MSNBC broadcast channel."
    could be paraphrased as "we weren’t allowed to use anything else because the money-men would have got angry".
    and "Asked about the benefits of Silverlight over Flash, Miller emphasized that he was not a developer, but that in his experience in working with Silverlight, Microsoft has been able to take new steps in terms of integrating data and creating new navigation. "
    could easily be said to be
    Asked about the benefits of Silverlight over Flash, Miller didn’t know, so tried to remember the marketing material that he had been sent about Silverlight

  3. Clint Avatar

    Microsoft trying to get into the web development biz reminds me of that commercial where the fast food joint is also selling legal services through it’s drive thru. MS should stick with what they do best, Windows and desktop applications. I mean, the Internet needs Windows’ IE browser, so it’s not like they’d suffer from not competing on the development level. The stuff we develop, runs in their browser, a win-win situation. Besides, Adobe is Internet centered and will remain the dominate powerhouse with all the cards stacked in their favor, why compete? Yeah, I know that apps are moving to the Internet, but that doesn’t mean MS has to create their own IDE’s, just find some CF developers to do it. But IIS competes with CF, so…
    But I’m ranting and biased any ways.

  4. John C. Bland II Avatar
    John C. Bland II

    Clint, I have to completely disagree about MSFT sticking to desktop/Windows. The .NET platform is a really quality web development option. There are NUMEROUS things it has that I wish CF had (same goes the other way too).
    Don’t sleep on Silverlight either. SL is pretty slick.
    "why compete?"
    You should want them to compete. Competition breeds innovation. Macromedia sat around for years not providing certain functionality in the Flash Player that we wanted. I recall several conversations about it. Now…Silverlight is here. Flash Player now supports numerous video types, fullscreen, etc. I’m not saying Adobe hadn’t thought of it but they also can’t say Silverlight having those features didn’t put a bit of pressure to release them in the FP either.
    Also, IIS doesn’t compete with CF. ASP.NET competes with CF.

  5. john Avatar

    The thing that seemed pretty plain to me is that Adobe needs to do better at getting people to understand that Flash is not just banner ads and how Flex fits into the picture. It’s almost as if the "Flash" name was a negative for most developers, which is probably very likely. There were a few different places in the article where they said ‘flash is for developers’ clearly not understanding that Flex is also part of the "Flash Platform."
    While not a fan of anything MS, Adobe have to make sure that they understand that just because they own the space now, doesn’t mean they will in 2 years… look at Netscape. Ben who’s the Flex evangelist?! 🙂

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