WebManiacs 2008 Discounted Pricing Ending Soon

Building on the success of last year’s FlexManiacs, the new WebManiacs is 3 events in one – CFManiacs, FlexManiacs, and AIRManiacs. Over 50 speakers, more than 200 sessions, hands-on sessions, and much more, May 19-23 2008 in Washington, D.C. And early-bird discounted pricing closes on March 14th, so register now.

2 responses to “WebManiacs 2008 Discounted Pricing Ending Soon”

  1. felix Avatar

    I just registered, looking forward to this. How come they discounted the price?

  2. Steve Drucker Avatar
    Steve Drucker

    The pricing wasn’t discounted — it was "early bird" pricing — an incentive for folks to sign up early.

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