Whiz Kid Matt Wegrzyn Started With ColdFusion

19 year old Matt Wegrzyn of is one of of a group of the next generation of entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators highlighted in an ABC News story entitled 10 Overachievers Under 21. Matt has been writing code for a while apparently. As reported in the story, he “mastered the ColdFusion programming language by age 15”. And apparently he is still using ColdFusion, too. Congrats Matt, we’re proud of what you have accomplished, and if ColdFusion helped play some part in that, well, that only makes us even more proud!

2 responses to “Whiz Kid Matt Wegrzyn Started With ColdFusion”

  1. simplico Avatar

    So, has he mastered CF 8, too?

  2. Matt Avatar

    Ben, this is Matt. Thanks for posting this long ago. I read it at the time but never commented. Recently I have thought about you when looking for books on CF11/2016, only not to find any! You need to publish an up-to-date book.
    We eventually migrated to PHP since it was hard to find programmers, but now I’m back at getting up to speed on CF again for some personal side projects. 🙂

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