Lots of folks are asking about ColdFusion 64bit support, and also asking which platforms we plan on supporting. As previously mentioned, we are indeed in the final testing stages of an updater for ColdFusion 8 which, among other things, provides further ColdFusion 64bit support. It is worth noting that 32bit ColdFusion 8 is fully supported on 64bit platforms, and ColdFusion 8 already supports 64bit Solaris 9 and 10. The current plans (and all plans are subject to change!) are for the updater to add 64bit support for Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Macintosh OS X Leopard, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and Suse Linux 10.

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  1. Sounds good. So the proper upgrade path from 32bt CF on a 32 bit OS is to reinstall the server with 64bit OS and install the 32 bit CF8 then run the CF8 updater? I know our company is chomping at the extra 32 bits to get this upgrade.

  2. Can you also clarify the std vs enterprise difference – as in std = 32bit only and enterprise = 64bit. In other words if we have an xserve running leopard and only want a std license do we install the 32bit or the 64bit version?

  3. So there will be support for 64-bit Vista but not 64-bit Server 2008?
    It would seem that since the post-SP1 Vista and Server 2008 share (basically) the same kernel and IIS components that support for both should be easy to implement at the same time.

  4. I have not heard of any edition differences. Seems to be that Developer Edition, Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition, all need to be available for all OSs. But … if I learn anything specific I’ll share.
    No testing on 2008 that I am aware of, but maybe.
    There is a lot of request for additional Linux flavors, and we are looking at that for a possible future update.
    — Ben

  5. Ben never actually reads the release notes. Tsk… tsk… 🙂
    The ColdFusion Standard Edition, in 32-bit mode, can be installed on any 64-bit system that is supported by the Enterprise or Developer Edition. So, if you’re running CF Standard on a 64-bit OS today… which is currently unsupported… we have now added support for you just by upgrading to 8.0.1 using the 32-bit updater.
    We also added full support for Windows Server 2008. 🙂
    As Ben said, we are looking at adding support for additional linux flavors in the future, based on how much the OS is used. I personally use Ubuntu, so that helps. 🙂
    — Jason

  6. Hi, you mentioned that "32bit ColdFusion 8 is fully supported on 64bit platforms." I searched Adobe couldn’t find the documentation that describes how to get this going (I’m on Linux). Can you point me to the right place?

  7. Yes, I got CF8 itself installed and it runs, but when I ran wsconfig, I got this:
    ./wsconfig -server coldfusion -ws
    apache -dir /etc/httpd/conf -v -ws64 -bin /usr/sbin/httpd -script /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd -coldfusion
    Found JRun server coldfusion at
    /opt/coldfusion8/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/mod_jrun22.c:1: error: CPU you
    selected does not support x86-64 instruction setError
    I’ve been googling for how to get past this but can’t find anything clear.

  8. @Derek,
    Yeah, Ben is also wrong there too. Sorry Ben. 🙂 ColdFusion 8 as it stands today, does not support 32-bit CF on 64-bit systems. You can get it to run if you build your own Web Server Connectors, but it’s still not officially supported. With

  9. Well, that technote was meant to refer to running CF7 on top of Solaris 64-bit before we added full 64-bit support for Solaris with CF8. It is a poorly written technote for sure. 32-bit CF will run on a 64-bit system today (well, most of it will anyhow). You’ll need to compile the web server connector yourself, there is info out there, just google it. But, to get the real full goodness of running CF on a 64-bit system, you will want to get the updater to CF8 due out soon. 🙂
    — Jason

  10. @all
    Ok – this thread definitely has me wanting to poke out my eye. Let me ask this question. Assuming I have a brand new 64bit server and I can afford only CF standard – will I be able to run 64bit CF standard on a 64bit machine with a 64 bit JVM

  11. Hi Mark and others,
    You will be able to run CF Standard, in 32-bit mode, with everything else 64-bit (OS and web server). Just remember, this is a big improvement over today! 🙂
    Hope that helps,

  12. So we will be able to run CF8 on windows 2K8 IIS7 in 32bit mode right now. Is this still a manual configure or this automatic now? Also when do we think it will be able to run in 64bit mode?

  13. Hi, you mentioned that "32bit ColdFusion 8 is fully supported on 64bit platforms." I searched Adobe couldn’t find the documentation that describes how to get this going (I’m on Linux). Can you point me to the right place? thanks

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  15. 64 Bit support for Solaris. Currently only SPARC is supported. What about X64 Version of Solaris ? We got a brand new X4150 server and would love to use the latest Solaris. Thanks: Peter

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