Tom Jordahl Presenting On BlazeDS

Tom Jordahl has announced that he’ll be presenting a Connect session tomorrow on BlazeDS to The Online ColdFusion Meetup Group. He’ll cover exactly what you get in BlazeDS and how it relates to LiveCycle Data Services, and will detail some of the reasons why you might want to use these server technologies. He will also explain how ColdFusion developers can take advantage of BlazeDS in their applications.

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  1. Joshua Curtiss Avatar
    Joshua Curtiss

    That’s great, because I’ve been seeing buzz around BlazeDS but haven’t taken the time to understand it except for a rapid glance thru the project homepage. If I understand that it provides near-realtime data syncing for clients similar to LCDS, but for free, then that’s kick-butt!
    This comes at a good time for me too because I’m officially jumping on the Flex bandwagon for production apps with the advent of Flex 3. Just put the purchase order request into the purchasing dept today.

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