eBoy's Cool AIR Launch Poster

I just love this eBoy AIR launch poster (follow link for a larger clearer copy). Check out the CF Dude on the ping-pong table!

6 responses to “eBoy's Cool AIR Launch Poster”

  1. Bradley Beard Avatar
    Bradley Beard

    Top left corner.

  2. Chris OConnor Avatar
    Chris OConnor

    Do you know where I can get one of those AIR launch posters ? Are they available in AUSTRALIA ?
    *please* 🙂

  3. J.J. Merrick Avatar
    J.J. Merrick

    I won one last night at the Nashville event. Though I was picked #3 and the first 2 prizes were a copy of Flex 3 Pro and a Sony PSP so I was a little disappointed with the poster… but after I got over that I realized it was a pretty cool thing and will be hung proudly in my office. I may even get it framed if I can find a frame big enough.

  4. Greg Murnock Avatar
    Greg Murnock

    Ben – is that you on the table? 🙂

  5. Ricky Blaha Avatar
    Ricky Blaha

    I won this poster at the Annapolis Adobe User Group yesterday – it’s awesome and looks great below my foam "UseAdobe" finger that I got from the onAIR Bus Tour in Baltimore 😉

  6. Petunia Avatar

    ADOBE!!!!!!! That’s an awesome poster!

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