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Jared Rypka-Hauer had the opportunity to interview former Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen, and chatted about the future of ColdFusion and more. Jared has posted his notes and comments online. Included is this quote by Bruce:

“We see ColdFusion as being tightly married to Flex, AJAX and AIR. We understand that ColdFusion is a powerful Rapid Application Development platform in its own right, but there’s a great deal more at stake here than just what you can build with ColdFusion. From our perspective, there is no other platform in existence that can be used to build powerful, flexible backends for Rich Internet Applications as quickly and competently as can be done with ColdFusion. It will support any RIA technology, be it Flex, Flash, AJAX or AIR. It’s really, from our perspective, the glue that holds everything else together.”

Well said, Bruce!

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  1. Mike Rankin Avatar
    Mike Rankin

    Sweeeeet. Too bad he’s leaving. I hope he hammers that concept home before he’s completely gone.

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