ColdFusion Rich Text Control And Safari

ColdFusion 8 added a rich text control, embedding FCKEditor via a simple to use . The biggest gotcha with the control is that at the time we released ColdFusion 8, FCKEditor did not support Safari. This morning I had two different users ask me when we’d address this issue (they were asking about AIR which uses WebKit for HTML rendering, the same engine that drives Safari), and the answer is that we plan on including an updated FCKEditor in the ColdFusion 8 updater due out shortly (the same one that adds support for Leopard, 64bit Windows, and more).

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  1. Tucson Web Design Avatar
    Tucson Web Design

    The fck editor was a great addition for coldfusion, thank you for making life just that much easier!

  2. Jean Moniatte Avatar
    Jean Moniatte

    I do not think that ColdFusion should have anything to do with client side code.
    While CFTEXTAREA probably allows to throw out a Rich Text Editor pretty quickly, it is actually a disservice to ColdFusion developers who would be better off spending some time understanding and controlling the code they send to their visitors. They might then find that tinyMCE is a better choice for them, or that jQuery works better for their application than ExtJS.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Jean, I have to disagree. While many ColdFusion users do indeed never use any of the auto generated client content, not rich text controls or JavaScript for validation or anything else, many (perhaps even most) do indeed use these and rely on them. ColdFusion has to serve both sets of users, for those who want stuff to simply work ColdFusion must provide widgets and abstractions and more, and those that want greater control have always been able to ignore those features.
    — Ben

  4. Will Swain Avatar
    Will Swain

    I think also that there will be plenty of CF developers that will come to things like JQuery and ExtJS through playing with the built in ColdFusion controls. They’ll use one of these controls, then probably at some point want to customise it or have more control, and get into it from there.

  5. Kris Jones Avatar
    Kris Jones

    Ben, any idea when this updater will be due out? Hard dates aren’t necessary, but it would be very helpful in controlling the next release of our product if we knew, say, that it was coming this quarter?

  6. Don Avatar

    It’s good cf8 comes with a js-based text editor, however, some developer may want to use a lean version. Yes, I understand by switching to the "Basic" mode, FukEditor would provide a much fewer features (as desired). Here’s a question, this editor has 370 files spanning over 51 folders all together, when in "Basic" mode, does CF8 load only a tiny core scripts? Otherwise, it does not make sense.
    Also, could it use CSS instead of images files for the stubs (again for speed)?

  7. Jonas Eriksson Avatar
    Jonas Eriksson

    Hi Ben
    So, when can we realistically expect this upgrade to happen? FCKeditor has been running for ages now on Safari, but still no good with the CF8 standard set. Surely it can not be that hard to update a few files for a brilliant develper team such as Adobe’s? Or did I miss the big announcement? Searching for cftexteditor on Adobe’s site brings just about no information in terms of using Safari anyway.
    Considering how Adobe shows off their magic revamp of sites that use cftexteditor and how it benefits all etc. etc., isn’t it slightly misleading when you can’t use all the funtastic stuff on Macs, unless you use Firefox – which, given how well Safari runs and also has a load of Debug-Tools (few seem to know this..), I don’t really use that much. Also considering Macs are getting more and more popular as developer machines /running Windows, Mac, Linux all on one machine is neat!) nowadays and the aforementioned WebKit argument…

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Jonas, within a few weeks.
    — Ben

  9. Jonas Eriksson Avatar
    Jonas Eriksson

    Thanks Ben, it’s all we hoped for! 🙂

  10. Judah Miles Avatar
    Judah Miles

    I appreciated getting a simple to implement editor in CF8. However, I’ve run into a couple of issues. First, it works in IE with one exception, if you implement more than one instance in a page and use ieSpell, it will spell check the first instance then moves to the next instance with an spelling issue and hangs, consuming all resources. You end up killing the IE process to release. I see a bug identified on the FCKeditor site and a temporary work around referenced, but it is unavailable through the link. Do you know what it is? The second issue is I only get text boxes in Mozilla/Firefox. Any ideas?

  11. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    You should not be getting empty boxes in FF and Mozilla. If you are they you must likely have some script blocking that is preventing the FCK scripts from running.
    As for ieSpell, I don’t know what to say about that one, especially as that product has not been updated since late 2006. Still, you could try to contact them to see if they have any known issues working with FCKEditor.
    — Ben

  12. shani Avatar

    Rich text is working fine on firefox, but it displays only plain textarea when using IE(7).
    Can you figure it out?

  13. Dave Avatar

    So this still doesn’t work still? I CAN’T get it to work on Safari, or Google Chrome.

  14. Patrick Avatar

    Help – when using rich text boxes they take control of the screen, causing it to jump (my site has rich text boxes on the bottom, and I want to keep them there) – I tried onLoad event JS to force a scroll to the top (0,0) but it does not work – any ideas how to override the rich text box grabbing the screen?

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